Tuesday, 7 June 2011

7th july 2011 the hannahnut

the hannahnut here 
How are you today????:D I was  OKKKKKKKK yes I was mun . so getting back to things today I had  literacy wrighting a scripted for...wait for it DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!ON LIVE TELLY if i win of course so whish me good luck an other thing to with me look on is...paforming at the Royal  Albut hall!!! aaaaaahhhhhh oh and the school play of course !!! can't wait!!!!! so maths after literacy it was good we are now doing investagashions and you could choose your partner I chose dem dem  yay yay yay yay !!! it was awsome mun yer we did volume (on shapes) it was a bit hard but that is good not to easy not to hard perfect booya. next we had P.E. it was good we made our own dance ( in a group) I was the leeder of my group getin!!! then we had French yes French it was fun we are lerning names of shops in French (like boutique and well it is the first lesson on that) so this is the hannahnut 

SEEYA GUYS!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thursday the 20th of January 2011

Today was cool but we had R.E ( it was allright thow that was at the end of the day so lets go to the beginning ok...

 The morning was as  usual had crumpets and went to school early as usual . throw the day I had literacy,maths,R.E,music 
this is hannahnut seeya